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Randhir recently published an eBook on “43 ways to optimize your eCommerce website”. This book reflects the philosophy behind Convergytics’ solutions in the Web Analytics Space. As the customers increase the number of devices and channels they use in making a purchase, it becomes imperative to trace this journey and create a richer data set that stitches all these data sources together and gets actionable insights from this data store. This is a must-read for any eCommerce Leader and points out many new analysis tools / techniques / data sources that can be used easily to make changes on your website and deliver higher conversions and a better user experience.

You can download this page here – https://www.convergytics.net/43-ways-to-optimize


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We recently published a eBook on “43 ways to optimize an eCommerce website”. This book helps a website owner to understand the various tools, techniques, data sources that he/she can leverage to make better decisions on optimizing their website.

Broadly, the book talks about some of the standard stuff that most web analysts typically do. But, it also suggests other unique ways of looking at new data, new tools and new techniques to further improve your website. Even a small change in key metrics such as conversion and basket-size will result in a significant upside for the site owner. Making sure that the process of site optimization is an ongoing one is critical to the success of a business or a website.

Please download it and provide us feedback on what you think. You can do so at www.convergytics.net/43ways Continue reading


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