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It’s a proud moment for all of us here at Convergytics. The phenomenal growth that we have seen in the past 9-12 months has finally gotten some recognition. A month OR so back, we were asked by GBM – A UK Based Branding Magazine to fill up a form to be in consideration for the Prize in the category of Analytics Startups in Asia. We filled up the details and didn’t expect much. A little over a week before the event on December 15th, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that we had been declared the “Fastest Growing Analytics Startup” in Asia. This has only spurred us to work harder in pushing our story & committed us to our core value-proposition & continue to deliver value to our clients. Thanks to the Team, Clients, Support Teams and the families who stood by us. Below is a sneak peak of the award that Sanjeev and Randhir collected on our behalf. See photos on the Convergytics Facebook page The Award: here The press-release from Global Brands Magazine – one of UK’s leading Branding Magazine.


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web designMany great websites are capable of being much better sales machines following simple, actionable tweaks. For many, it’s something as simple as streamlining the sales process, while others would benefit from more visual stimulus to highlight known conversion aids such as free delivery or click and collect options.

Although delivery features are a part of your business model rather than your site design, highlighting conversion triggers will always help your KPIs. How to increase retail sales? Here are some of the most important design features for improved conversions. Continue reading


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