Launching our Digital Analytics & Marketing Accelerator Solution (ADAM) for Startups

Convergytics, a leading marketing, CRM and digital analytics company that empowers organizations to get the bigger picture of their business through #bigdata, #analytics and #datascience, announced today the official launch of its Accelerator for Digital Analytics & Marketing (ADAM) solution.

As early-stage and growth startups focus on their product features and scalability to prepare for exponential growth, having a sound digital analytics and marketing strategy and strong data sciences capability can act as a catalyst to hyper-growth. However, the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape combined with the complexity of building a data sciences and data engineering team with diverse skillsets can be a huge challenge for young startups. Convergytics can be the ideal partner to bring the strategic thinking and necessary agility to get startups off the ground in terms of a data, analytics and marketing strategy.

The Accelerator for Digital Analytics & Marketing (ADAM) Solution is designed to help startups maximize returns on marketing investments with a sophisticated marketing spends optimization solution and deliver a superior user experience for their customers across devices. Unlike other companies, which are traditionally based on staff augmentation model, the Convergytics ADAM solution brings together strategic thinking, best-of-breed data science / data engineering execution, cutting-edge data and analytics tools along with a track record of consistently delivering results for their clients.

The solution package addresses the following areas:

1.   Digital Marketing Strategy: ADAM helps early-stage startup companies utilize their marketing spends optimally by leveraging their marketing spends optimizersolution to measure both regular and ongoing campaigns as well as seasonal and event-driven campaigns and put in a feedback-loop to continuously optimize all the campaigns.

2.   Digital Analytics Infrastructure Setup: ADAM includes a detailed audit of the current data & engineering architecture and digital analytics implementation. Convergytics data & implementation engineers review your current business operation and finalize the metrics that need to be tracked to best understand and optimize customer behavior. The infrastructure setup needs to match the business requirements and the ADAM solution ensures that by leveraging a comprehensive implementation checklist and delivers an optimal setup of the analytics tools resulting in rich data and actionable insights from the data.

3.   Reporting and Analytics Support: A hi-growth B2C startup needs both regular run-the-business reports and change-the-business insights and analysis to achieve its goals. The ADAM offering includes a package of standard and bespoke reports and analysis that allow startups to continuously monitor and improve their business (marketing campaigns, website / mobile app / products).

4.   Hi-Touch Consulting: Convergytics Leadership Team with over 100 years of retail / ecommerce analytics consulting experience works closely with their clients and guides them on data and analytics strategy that might be needed to stay competitive. These include aspects such as data monetization, tools strategy, partnerships and pivots.

The holistic ADAM solution enables startups to implement a focused marketingprogram that is best suited to the growth phase. The solution easily adapts to the changing priorities of a startup in a dynamic competitive landscape to provide clients the necessary flexibility and value along with the ability to scale-up or scale-down the investments.

“Today’s startups need an agile partner who can provide strategic guidance and also execute on those strategies which are best-aligned with the company’s growth. Having the right tools is important. But, even more important is the correct usage of the tools to deliver valuable insights that can guide the company’s growth strategy.” commented Randhir Hebbar, Convergytics’ Co-Founder and VP. “With Accelerator for Digital Analytics & Marketing, Startups finally have a one-stop solution and a trusted partner who guides them towards success without investing in a large team, expensive tools or even complex data warehousing platforms that are barely used”.

Several companies around the world are already using the ADAM solution to enhance ROI on their digital investments; Some of these companies include innovative startup companies like desirelist (a social gifting platform), ToYo (A toy subscription internet startup), (a healthcare M&A platform), a bespoke suits & shirts company in Australia, a fin-tech startup that is revolutionizing the micro and student loan market in India and PickPock (an off-market real estate platform). Convergytics also works with several established ecommerce companies as well and provide more traditional data sciences & engineering, digital analytics and reporting solutions.

Added Mr. Hebbar: “Startups should focus on what their core competence is and leverage partners such as Convergytics to enhance their data analytics maturity in their early to growth stages. Over time, clients can adapt into a hybrid model with an in-house team working closely with the analytics partners to drive more business decisions from the analytics” That is why Accelerator for Digital Analytics & Marketing (ADAM) solution has been designed to deliver complete flexibility to suit the client needs, so that they can optimize their data, analytics and marketing investments to deliver a great user experience for their customers, while not investing heavily into building a large data/analytics team. Simply put, Accelerator for Digital Analytics & Marketing (ADAM) helps you accelerate your analytics & data journey while lowering the risk.”

Added Eric Sheinkop, Co-Founder & CEO, desirelist: “Truly understanding analytics at an early stage in a start-up is critical to long term success. Getting to know how users interact with your product, what works and what needs improvement, sets the foundation for a business to scale. The product (desirelist) is a shop-able list making tool that captures valuable first person data, including consumer buying behaviors, purchase intent and brand preferences. This insight is extremely attractive to brands and retailers and so our ability to capture and mine this information is critical to our long term value. Through the employment of the ADAM solution, the team at Convergyticshelped us get set up for success and ensured that we have the right systems in place to capture the data, analyze the data to inform our product roadmap, track our KPI’s and, crucially, with a mind towards data monetization.”

Added Mr. Singh from “I have been thoroughly impressed with the flexibility that Convergytics offers with Accelerator for Digital Analytics & Marketing (ADAM) solution. As a startup, despite the usual constraints of limited bandwidth and skillsets on my team, we had the desire to build a world-class product that changes the healthcare industry on its head with our innovative solution. is a global platform that facilitates hospital and medical equipment sale and lease and provides a solution to distressed hospital owners and administrators as they struggle with huge loans, market regulations, hyper-competition and dozens of other issues.

When we first engaged Convergytics, we were in the process of launching our portal. But, going through the first phase of the Accelerator for Digital Analytics & Marketing (ADAM) solution – an exhaustive digital analytics and user-experience audit gave us some unique insights and lot of food for thought. This allowed us to revamp our website, build some new features in our product and change some strategies. Over the past 4 to 5 months, the Convergytics Team led by Mr. Hebbar has become an integral part of our core team and has helped us prepare for the launch of our product in early 2017”

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