The Convergence of the 3Cs

At Convergytics, every convergence 3c'sconversation about what is not right with analytics today and what can we do to set it right comes back to the 3Cs. How can you bring together the 3Cs together to deliver value to your clients and make all the stakeholders happy?

The 3 important Cs of Analytics are:

  • Creation of Analytics refers to the design and build of a report or tool or the building of a statistical model and this is what gets a lot of focus from the statisticians and data scientists
  • Consumption of Analytics refers to the usage of the reports / models to make better decisions and this is what most clients are concerned and frustrated about today – we call this bringing in the consulting layer.
  • Correction of Analytics refers to both the measurement of the actions driven from the current decisions and the feedback loop to improve future decisions and this is what the project sponsor and possibly the CFO is most concerned about (if you can tie it back to the company KPIs)

Bringing the missing focus back to the 3Cs requires a different mindset and we bring this in to as many conversations as we can (both with current clients and prospects) and this has yielded us great results so far.

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