43 Ways to Optimize your eCommerce Website

This is the title of our latest43ways to optimize a website eBook  which brings together several case-studies of interesting work that we have done in the Online and eCommerce Space. Even though, there are 43 different ways suggested including some that are probably things you are doing and many that you thought about but didn’t execute on, three broad themes epitomize the book: New Data Sources, New Tools and New Techniques.

New Data Sources

  1. Leverage Clickstream Data in combination with your Offline and Campaign Data (among others) to get richer insights
  2. Use existing Clickstream Data in innovative ways to understand the complex multi-device multi-touch customer journey
  3. Conduct Surveys and User-Testing on your site to get qualitative feedback
  4. Leverage Competitor Data
  5. Leverage Industry Trends Data

New Tools

  • Look beyond Site Analytics Tools such as Omniture Sitecatalyst or Google Analytics
  • Heatmap Tools to understand how users are using your site
  • Attribution Tools to understand the customer journey and get richer and more actionable insights on channel spends
  • Tools that allow you to get a rich profile of your visitors
  • Mobile Apps to deliver a better customer experience on mobile devices
  • And many more tools / solutions that you can build or buy to address the challenges you face

New Techniques

  • Create relevant Cohorts by Campaign, by Customer and Business Segments and perform Cohort Analysis to get richer insights
  • Advanced Customer Segmentation by leveraging various data sources combined using Data Fusion Techniques
  • Advanced Data Mining Techniques for specific business problems such as Cross-Sell, Upsell or Churn.


If you are a Site Leader and want to look at new ways of optimizing your website,our latest eBook gives you a long list of ideas you can start pursuing. Of course, if you need help testing and implementing the ideas on your site, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] or +1.206.418.6619.

Coming Up: Two new eBooks in the same series: “43 Ways to Optimize a B2B Website” and “43 Ways to Optimize a Content Site”

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